Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering at school, in the classroom, or as a chaperone on field trips during the school day?

If so, these are the steps you will need to take in order to become a volunteer as so that we can ensure the safety of all students. Austin ISD works with Austin Partners in Education to provide our volunteers with background checks. It will take about 7 business days for the background check to be completed. Once it has been completed, you can contact the Parent Support Specialist at Houston Elementary and they will be able to work with you through the last process.

You can reach our Parent Support Specialist, Mr. Robledo at 512-841-0142.

Steps to begin and complete a Criminal Background Check:

  • Visit the Austin Partners in Education website at austinpartners.org
  • Click on the top tab Get Involved
  • Go to the Austin ISD School-Based Volunteers section
  • Select Houston Elementary
  • There are 5 options of volunteering, choose the most appropriate for you.
  • You will then be directed to the beginnning section where you will fill out your information. Start with providing your email address.
  • Click on authorizing APIE to do your background check and click Submit
  • Continue to fill all of the remaining sections
  • Once you are done, click Submit
  • After 7 business days, contact Mr. Robledo at 512-841-0142 to confirm that your background check has been completed.

Thank you for becoming a volunteer at Houston Elementary! We look forward to working with you!